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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Weekend with the Rents!

My parents came to visit us two weekends ago. It was my dad's first time to visit and we had a blast. We were able to squeeze a lot of things into a few short days.
-They got to take a tour of the fish hatchery where Aaron works.
-They had lunch at the café inside the pharmacy where I work.
-My dad and Aaron spent an afternoon fishing.
-We played the card game Phase 10 one night and rented the movie Grown Ups 2.
-They got to do a little shopping and see where I have my craft booth.
-They got to watch me play in a softball game against the high school fast pitch team.
-We took a driving tour of a nearby town with beautiful houses surrounding a lake.
-We took a day trip to Memphis to watch my cousin, Brad coach the Memphis Tigers football team, and they took home a victory.
-We had a wonderful lunch with old friends from Norman that now live in TN. It was some delicious BBQ.
-We got to see the Civil Rights Museum and the motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. It was very interesting.
-We had dinner after the game with my cousins and aunt and uncle.
- We saw the Peabody hotel and the little ducks swimming in the fountain. It was a beautiful place.

Obviously, you can tell we did a lot of fun things. It was a wonderful, fun-filled weekend and we were sad to see them go. So was Samsy!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

 Inside the Peabody Hotel
 The infamous Peabody ducks

The balcony outside of Martin Luther King, Jr's motel room where he was shot.

We managed to cross two more items off our fall bucket list while my parents were in town.
#1. Attend a college football game. Go Memphis Tigers!
#2. Kill a big deer. Aaron said this one doesn't count as a big enough one, but I say it does. Check out his big burly man beard. He stopped shaving it in September and is planning to keep growing it out until the end of deer season which I believe is Feb.28th. Oh, Lordy!!
Poor Bambi. Look at the tongue hanging sad!
My parents taking Samson on one last stroll around the block before they left.
There are leaves everywhere on our street. It's time to start raking.
Samson telling them good-bye. He was very sad to see them go.
 He didn't move an inch and watched their car drive all the way down the street :(

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  1. poor Sampson : (
    what a jampacked high ole time!!! love it thanks for posting!!!