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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Before & After: A Bar Cart

I have always wanted a bar cart for my dining room. I envisioned it being used every time we had a cookout or party.  A place where I could store an ice bucket, glasses, drinks, punch bowls, pitchers, or maybe even sometimes used for extra table space to hold chips and dip, etc. I was on the lookout for one for a long time, but I didn't want to spend very much on it. I finally found one last year for $20 so I bought it.
Here was some of my inspiration and what led me to want a bar cart in the first place:
 As you can see, I spray painted over the gold with a  bright turquoise and I spray painted the trays with chalkboard paint so you can change it up. Yes, I'm obsessed with chalkboard paint. It just gives you so many options.
 I didn't spend much time styling the bar cart this particular night. We had a cookout this summer and I put some stuff on it, but no one ever came inside the house so it didn't get used :( I've learned that out here, no one really hangs out inside much when the weather is nice.  How do you like my mugs? My best friend from college gave me those as a souvenir from a place in New Orleans. I think of her every time I use them :)
 Chilled wine.
 I'd like to say that this cart gets used a lot for gatherings, but in all reality the picture below is more true to form. It gets used as my hairstyling cart when I do colors. It is a perfect little cart for that too. Who knew it would serve multiple uses? It is also currently sitting in the corner of my dining room displaying all my cake stands.
I'm going to make a point to use this bad boy during the holidays!

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