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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Campfire Costume!

This weekend I checked off another fall bucket list item by attending a costume party dressed up. Not only did I go to a costume party, but I went to Nashville, TN for a costume party. My childhood friend sent me an invitation to her hubby's birthday/Halloween costume party. He was born on Halloween. I immediately decided I was going to be in attendance. Nothing screams more fun than a weekend getaway to Nashville in the fall to hang out with my dear friend, Rachel and her husband. Unfortunately, Aaron couldn't go because he had to work and it was also prime hunting time.
We had a blast. The party was fun. The food was delicious. The decorations were great. The scavenger hunt game we played was a ton of fun and helped me get to know people better. And everyone dressed up.
I had trouble deciding on a costume this year. I've never been one to wear a store bought costume. Most of the time, I make them and I tend to go for the creative/weird/funny ones that you usually don't see very often.  This year I was going back and forth between being cotton candy, a washing machine, or a campfire. See, all very weird/odd choices.
This is what I finally went with:
I got the idea for this costume on Pinterest and it was so easy to make.
Start with a tri-fold piece of plain cardboard and cut it into a circle.
Then you cut an inner circle the size of your waist.
Spray paint it black.
Buy two pool noodles and spray paint them black.
Cut out squares of gray fabric, stuff them with paper sacks, and hot glue around the edges until you form a stone structure. Hot glue all around the base of the cardboard.
Cut the pool noodle with a knife into various size "logs".
Stuff the holes in the pool noodles with yellow, red, and orange tissue paper and hot glue them in.
Arrange your logs how you want them and hot glue them down.
Get a red beanie and hot glue tissue paper on the top.
Find some sticks in your yard and add marshmallows.
There you have it, you're now a campfire!
 The whole gang
 Poor Chanel didn't like being a tiger.
 Cindy Lauper and Richard Simmons...the contest winners
 The birthday boy and his bride.
Thank you Rachel & Rod for having me, I had a blast!

We are super excited because this weekend we will be checking another item off the fall bucket list while my parents are in town visiting. Can't wait to see them and have some fun!!

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