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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

The weekend before Christmas we went to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. We celebrated her birthday with a trip to downtown OKC to watch the NCAA Women's National Volleyball Championship game. It was so much fun. After the game, we went out to dinner, followed by a trip up to the top of the Devon building to see the city and enjoy some drinks at Vast.
 The massive pinecones hanging from the Devon ceiling.
 The Myriad Gardens
 NCAA Volleyball Championship game
 Ice skating in downtown OKC.
 Love him.
 My mom and dad.
My brother and his wife.

Riding the elevator to the top.

We left the day before Christmas Eve and stayed through Friday afternoon at Aaron's parents house. 
 Aaron's family has a Christmas Eve tradition that involves cooking lots of yummy finger foods and snacking while watching Christmas movies and relaxing. Aaron LOVES this tradition and it's so cute to see how excited he gets about's almost like he reverts back to his 5 year old self. 
 They hate it when I bring out the camera.
 Their pretty Christmas tree.
 Samson even got in on the Christmas spirit.
 Aaron's brother, Stephen is a Christmas Eve baby. Opening up his birthday presents.
 Santa Samson
 Aaron's brother, Brian took us out on his nice new boat for a little crappie fishing. Never thought I'd be out on the lake on December 25th, but it actually wasn't too cold. 
 Catchin' some crappie.

 Precious little pee-wee.
  Pee-Wee and Sherry in their Christmas sweaters.

Friday afternoon we headed to my parents house to celebrate the rest of the weekend with my family.

My family. 

 Eating and visiting with the out of towners.

 My brother reading us the Christmas story before we open up presents.
We were short three stocking for our guests of honor so my mom used socks.

The grandpups waiting on their stockings.
 Opening up our presents....he got a new fishing tackle box.
 So excited about this Hair and Make-up by Steph updo tutorial book.
Aaron's new Carhart hat.
 Ashley got new jewelry.
 Trevor got a grill blower for his new smoker.
 Mom opening her perfume.
 We woke up Saturday morning to snow on the ground. The pups were loving it.

 A cozy, snowy morning by the Christmas tree.
 Saturday, the rest of my mom's family showed up for our Christmas celebration.

 We went outside and played in the snow.

 My uncle brought a kite for us to fly in the snow. The dogs were barking and going nuts over the was hilarious.

My cousin and I made these miniature snowmen on the hood of my aunt's car. Aren't they cute?
 We played lots of fun games and yes, the face coasters made yet another appearance. Promise it's the last time. We used the coasters to notate who was out of the game. It made the game quite comical.

My mom and her siblings with their dad and step-mom. We missed you Hope!

The whole group. We are missing a few....and they were greatly missed from our celebration.

I hope you had a wonderful, safe Christmas!

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