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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Home Tour

Don't get too excited about my holiday home tour. It's nothing spectacular, and really I'm just going to show you my tiny living room and a few decorations in the kitchen. Most of it is the same ole stuff I've used every year. It makes me happy though because I love Christmas decorations. They always put me in a good mood. I don't have a holiday theme or have any rhyme or reason to how I decorate for Christmas. I just put up what I've collected over the years. So here it goes...enjoy!

Our front door wreath.

Every year I make a new Christmas decoration for the house. Last year I made a set of four glittery canvases. This was one of them.

This year I made the wood pallet merry & bright sign. It is far from being perfect and looks nothing like the one I pinned on Pinterest, but I think it has character.

Love my burlap snowman.

The ho ho ho canvas and the fabric trees I made last year.

This is by far my most favorite Christmas decoration. I'm tempted to leave it up year round. I have a thing for antlers ;)

Another one of my glitter canvases.

My new favorite Christmas candle, Bath & Body Works-Twisted Peppermint. Sooo good.

Someday I will have a fireplace to hang our stockings, but until then, this will have to work.

The entryway table.

My retro ceramic Christmas tree. Found this at a garage sale and I know it's so 30 years ago, but I really like it.

Can you spot a super cute pup? My growing collection of Christmas pillows.

Love this gold glitter reindeer pillow and I was so excited when I found this plaid blanket at a boutique for $10. I have been looking for one everywhere to use in photo sessions, but they all seemed so expensive.

My frosty the snowman pillow. This pillow reminds me of Palace (the place I used to work) because that's where I got it. I miss all their fun Christmas decorations.

My mom made this pillow for us last year. It's a Christmas tree, but when you turn it to the side it spells our last name. It's definitely a decoration that I cherish.

Once again, I love my reindeer and antlers.

Hey, there's that cute pup once again. My cousin bought us some new Christmas decorations this year as a house warming gift. It's only fitting that our house has some camo in it for the husband's sake.

These joy letters double as a Christmas card prop and a wall decoration.

Our mini Christmas tree.

More reindeer and our love shack plaque that my brother and sister-in-law bought us.

This is where I display our Christmas cards every year. We are slacking in the card department so far this year. Maybe it's because no one can keep up with our ever changing address. Getting Christmas cards is one of my most favorite parts about the holiday season.

I added a little red to spruce up the kitchen pitcher.

Also another gift my cousin, Steph gave us.

And this one too. Thanks Steph, you're the best!

My favorite North Pole Christmas hand towel given to me last year from my best friend, Alli.

Another camo decoration, thanks to my cousin.

And just in case you wanted to see if from every angle, I've got you covered ;)

Putting up Christmas decorations makes this house feel a lot homier and we have really enjoyed having a wanna-be fireplace (aka our wall propane heater)'s nice and cozy!


  1. It's all SO cute! I love your card holder :) I don't have very many cards, yet, either and I have been at the same address for 11 yrs :( Steph