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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Creative Itch

I've been doing a lot of crafting in my free time and it makes me oh so happy. There's not a whole lot that makes me happier than is also relieves a lot of stress for me. I've done a few projects recently that I thought I'd share on the blog.

I've been wanting a Boxwood wreath for a long time now. I needed one to hang on the door in our bedroom, but I was not about to pay a high price for it. I saw some that were $120. That to me is crazy. The cheapest I could find was this one pictured above at Target for $44. I'm super cheap and still couldn't justify paying that price. I decided I would attempt to make my own.

 Here is my version. It looks very different from the Target version, but I think it will do just fine. I bought a wire wreath at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 and then I used floral wire to adhere four boxwood greenery stems around the wreath. I bought the greenery stems when they were half off at Hobby Lobby.

I needed a $15 gift for a secret Santa gift exchange and I decided to go with chalkboards. 

 I found both of these prints on Pinterest and decided to put them on the chalkboards.
I bought the chalkboards at Hobby Lobby. They were originally $6.99 a piece, but they were 50% off when I bought them. I used a chalk paint pen to write it. Here's how they turned out.

I've also been working on my sewing skills. My cousin bought me a sewing machine and my mom gave me a quick lesson on how to use it and I've been practicing by making baby headbands and leggings. 
 I made the headband, hand stamped the monogrammed onesie, and hand stamped the triangles on these leggings. It was so easy and quick. I can't wait to find some more solid color leggings and try some other stamps. 
 This was the first pair of leggings I made. I was pretty proud of myself for lining up the pattern, but the elastic waistband was a huge challenge for me and when you look up close it is totally messed up.
This was my second pair of leggings. This time around, I learned how to do a much better waistband, but I completely botched up the crotch area in these. Now if I can only make a pair that fixes both of those issues, I'll be in good shape. I need to practice, practice, practice. I've been working on some more headbands and I'm using a different pattern that is cuter and easier. I can't wait to show you the personalized headband I'm working on right now. It's a gift for a friend so I can't share it until she receives it in the mail.

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