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Monday, December 22, 2014

My Grandpa's Letters- Volume 1

Meet my grandpa Marvin (my mother's father). He will be 90 years young this year. He can still play 18 holes of golf, while walking (and yes he refuses to ride in the cart with you). He doesn't believe in using a cell phone or telling anyone where he is, or where he is going. He still drives and has been known to take long road trips at a moments notice. He chews every bite of food he puts in his mouth 21 times, including ice cream (you think I'm joking, but I've counted numerous times). In the last five years of his life, he has taken a class to learn how to write children's books and he has taken flight lessons. He marches to the beat of a different drummer and is the most unique man I've ever met. I couldn't imagine him being any other way. He keeps us on our toes and makes our life quite comical at times. He is a clever little fella.

Since August, he has started writing birthday poems to each member of my family. They are great. I look forward to each family member's birthday so I can read his latest poem. Some of them make sense, some of them don't. I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you. For his 90th birthday, each member of the family is going to write him a birthday poem and we are going to combine them into a book for him.

 "There once was a fellow named Aaron, who appeared unto Quincee so darin', she gave up her home, never to roam and married him 'cause he's so carin'." -this is the letter he wrote to my husband, Aaron.

"There once lived a lady named Miako, who dextrously did the hand talko: She said to her Jason, "Please bring me a basin, my hands need a rest- maybe walko."  FYI- Miako is an interpreter, hence the hand talko part.

There once was a lady named Kas, who said one day to her boss, "I'm tired of this work- it makes me a quirk; Also, I'd like to go ride my hoss."

 There once was a fellow named Skip, who went to the ocean for a dip; he quickly said, "Salty!" but not wanting to be faulty, he decided to zip up his lip.

 There once was a lady named Marcy, whose kids June and Isable were varcy*1, her husband Chris, gave her a kiss, and made her be exceptionally blarcy *2.

 Then he wrote this on the bottom of Marcy's. *1- A new word meaning "rhymes with Marcy".
 *2- A new word meaning "rhymes with Marcy."
-Note: this one is my favorite so far!

 There once was a fellow named Bryan, got so hot in the sun he was fryin', he called for umbrella, delivered by Della and ended up smilin' and sighin' AAH!

 There once was a lady named Sandy, who with little kids sure was handy; she taught very well--all parents could tell, and she did it without any candy.

 There once was a lady named Jan, who laid in the sun for a tan; The sund beated down, and made her turn brown-- so now, she expects to be banned!

Note- He also includes a dollar bill with every letter and he writes the same thing on each one.

There once was a lady named Brenda, who had for herself an agenda; First, run for five miles, then, sit down to breakfast; Your feet will feel very tenda.

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