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Thursday, January 8, 2015

52 Week Hand Lettering Project

Pen + Peplum is hosting a 52 week hand lettering project. I have no clue how to hand letter, but I'm so inspired by it and I think what people do with it is amazing. I am a terrible artist and I cannot draw at all, but I love experimenting with hand writing so I thought this would be fun. I know nothing about watercolor or what brushes to use and I definitely don't know how to do calligraphy so I'm for sure a beginner. Yesterday, I found a watercolor kit at TJMaxx so I bought it and gave it a try. You can definitely tell this is my first attempt so please don't make fun, but I'm excited to see how it evolves over the next 52 weeks.

{prompt 1} 2015...a word, a mantra or your focus for the new year.

My word, mantra, focus for the year is content. To be content with what I have, where I live, what I do, etc. I always find my self looking at other people and thinking, man I wish my house looked like hers, or I wish I had her job, or I wish I was as skinny as her, or I want her wardrobe, or her talents, etc. I'm going to work really hard on not comparing myself to others and being content with what God has given me.

P.S.- I know it looks like I wrote that with a marker, but I promise it's watercolor and paintbrush. I need to figure out my consistency of the paint. And please ignore that ugly leafy thing I painted under it. (See what I mean with content? haha)

P.S.S.- Someone in our house looks pretty content. He loves to sunbathe.

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  1. I like it! I'm a total beginner too and just found out about the challenge so i thought id check out what everyone did, I love it though and hopefully by the end ill get really good :)