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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sewing Project: Some Goodies for a Baby Girl

Not sure what is about giving baby gifts that I love so much, but it is so fun to shop and create for babies...especially girls. Our friends are expecting their first baby girl soon so I decided to make her some stuff. I was in the crafting mood and wanted to get some more sewing practice. I had seen all the cute customizable baby name headbands, blankets, hats, etc. so I thought I'd give it a try. After lots of thinking and brainstorming, I figured out a way to design my own fabric and have it printed online and shipped to me. I'm so excited about this because the possibilities are endless. You could switch it up in so many different ways with fun fonts and colors, or even design your own patterned fabric. I had it printed on organic knit fabric so it's stretchy and really soft. It is really expensive for a yard of this fabric so I opted for a fat quarter square of it to experiment with (I was scared it wouldn't turn out or the fabric wouldn't be great quality, but it is). The fat quarter square was plenty of fabric. I was able to do a headband, hat, and then I had left overs that I could have used for a bib or burp cloth if I knew how to sew those (that's my next project). I however, didn't have enough fabric to make baby leggings out of it, which was what I was hoping for. 

 Here is the fabric.
And this is the hat I made. I just cut out my own pattern and didn't do any measuring which was a bad idea because I made the top of the hat too short so I couldn't tie a knot in it. Therefore, that's why there's an extra piece of fabric at the top to make a knot. Here's to hoping this will fit on her little head!

 I also made this headband. It was so easy to make and I'm excited to get some more cute fabrics and make some more.
I decided to make her a hand-stamped initial onesie to go with the headband. I just used foam stamps from Hobby Lobby and fabric paint.

I used to make onesies like the two pictured above all the time, but when I moved far away from my mom, I quit making them because she was my seamstress that sewed around the letters. She was happy to retire from that position. My goal is to be able to do it myself, but I'm really scared to attempt it and I have a lot more practice to do before I'm able to sew around such small letters.
While I was practicing and playing around with my hand lettering, I thought I'd go ahead and make her a print to put in her nursery.

I had a printing place condense it to a 4x6 and print it in color for me so I could put it in a frame.
I had so much fun making these goodies for Ella and I can't wait for her to get here. I'm ready for the next baby in line so I can make some more stuff and keep on practicing.

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