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Monday, August 26, 2013

Be Our Guest- Guest Bedroom Reveal!

 We are so excited that this upcoming weekend and the next, we are expecting our first house guests since we've been married. My mom and grandpa will be in town to visit this weekend and my aunt will be in town the next. None of them have been to visit yet and we can't wait to show them around the town and show them hospitality in our home. We have a lot of fun things planned, including: antique shopping, golfing, visiting some waterfalls and caves, evening/morning walks around the spring with Samson, going to church.....there are lots of memories to be made.
In preparation for our first guests, I have been working hard on our guest bedroom ever since I moved in. That was my top priority. I knew that I wanted our guests to be comfortable and at home when they came to stay. We really look forward to having our friends and family come visit and see where we live. My goal was to make this room bright, cheery, and inviting.
Here is a before picture of the room when Aaron first moved in:
Looks like your typical bachelor pad right?
And here it is now:
 The quilt and pillows are from Target.
I got the yellow end table at a yard sale for $25. I'm still looking for a cute basket to put in the bottom. The lamp is something I bought at an estate sale and re-did. The lamp shade is from Target. The candle stick and flower vase are from boutiques.
 I got the red chalkboard 50% off at Hobby Lobby and I wrote on it with a chalkboard marker. I stole the idea from Pinterest, but I love it! The blue things are candle stick holders that I bought from a garage sale. They were gold when I bought them, but I spray painted them blue. I still need to find candle sticks for them.
 The end table on the right is also from a garage sale. I am still trying to decide what color I should paint it. If I do it yellow like the other, do you think that will be too much yellow? Suggestions are appreciated!
 The headboard is actually my parents old wooden headboard. My mom and I recovered it with fabric when I was in college so all I had to do was rip the old fabric off and staple the new yellow chevron fabric on. The headboard is probably my favorite thing about the room. I love all the different patterns.
 A view from the other side of the room.
 This is the other side. I still need to make some curtains for the window. The rod iron candle holder on the right is also something I bought at a garage sale years ago.
 This chair is not going to stay here. There is no room for it so I'm giving it to my mom. I bought it at a garage sale for $10 and painted over the fabric. My mom is going to have it reupholstered.
 This is a wedding gift that we received this weekend. It's a cute little mattress spring wall hanging. I wasn't quite sure how to style it so I just paper clipped some wedding pictures on it. I'm going to find something cute to hang from the little hooks on the bottom. Maybe some dried flowers or something. I love it though and think it's very unique, eclectic, and thrifty so of course I'm sold.
This is what the wall on the left side of the room looks like. I already had some white shelves that I used in my old room, so I painted them mustard yellow and put a few picture frames on them.
One of my favorite wedding pictures.
A few more wedding pictures.
 I bought these blue vases at Goodwill years ago for $.50 a piece. I had forgotten about them and when I dug them out of a box, I knew exactly where I wanted them.
I also found this cute light switch plate from Hobby Lobby for 50% off and knew I had to have it since it matches the room!
One thing I wish I could do is paint the walls in this room. It drives me crazy having all white walls so I feel like I have to bring the color in through decorating. There is definitely a lot going on in this room, but I am pleased with how it turned out and it cost me next to nothing since most of it I already had, or was given to us as a wedding gift!


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