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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Wednesday #6- Bride & Groom Cakes

I'm a little late on today's post.....sorry about that. I was busy last night and this morning getting things together and writing my "matron of honor" speech for my best friend's wedding this Sat!!! WOOOHOOO. Excited is an understatement. Can't wait to celebrate with her and see all my family and friends.
When picking out my cake, I knew exactly what I wanted. I had to have at least one layer that was all rosette flowers and one layer that had ruffles. One of the hardest things for me to decide on was who to hire for my cake. Everyone that was in my price range either used fondant or didn't know how to do the ruffles and flowers. I was seriously shocked at how high cakes cost these days. Most people were trying to charge me between $4-$6 a slice and when you're serving at least 300 people, it just wasn't in our budget. Luckily, one day I hit the jackpot! I found Rosebeary's Designs in Baking on Facebook and I decided to contact her. Then, I saw her work in Brides of Oklahoma and got sad because I thought that meant she was going to be super expensive. I cannot tell you how relieved and excited I was after I met with her. She was amazing! She could do exactly what I wanted and we designed the cake together and she was affordable. She gave me the best price of anyone else around. I was thrilled! I hired her on the spot and knew it would be a gorgeous cake. *Note for future will save a lot of money if you have a smaller cake and serve the rest as sheet cakes. No one will ever see the sheet cakes, all they will see are the slices of cake. We ended up deciding on a 4 tier cake, each layer a different flavor and then two sheet cakes. I chose white wedding cake, strawberry, carrot, chocolate almond, and german chocolate as our flavors. I got a lot of compliments on how pretty and tasty our cake was. I found that it was hard to find someone that makes it look pretty and taste good at an affordable price. I'm so thankful we found Janet!
I collect Willow Tree Angels so when I heard they had a cake topper, I knew we had to have it. I added my own little touch to it by gluing a veil on the girl. Now we have it sitting in our living room on a coffee table.
I asked Aaron what he wanted his groom's cake to be. His first response was a turkey because his favorite thing to hunt is turkey. I wasn't really a huge fan so I suggested a few other things. My mom came up with the idea of his cake being a camo baseball hat with Oakley sunglasses on the brim of the hat. If you know Aaron, then you've probably noticed that he's rarely ever without the two. Aaron approved the idea and thought it was pretty good.....that was until I mentioned an Arkansas Razorback cake. He was immediately sold. You see, Aaron does not like OU at all. When he found out that our reception was going to be held at the OU ballroom, he wasn't very happy about it. That's when we made the agreement that his cake would be Arkansas Razorbacks if we had our reception at OU. I thought it was fitting, considering that we would be living in Arkansas after getting married and since we met each other in Arkansas. It was also a requirement that the cake said "WOO PIG SOOIE."
My friend, Chelsea made Aaron's cake. I knew from the minute we got engaged that I would be calling her for his cake. We played volleyball together in college and I remember seeing some of her work back then. It was phenomenal. She is seriously talented and makes the cutest cakes ever. We worked together on a design and it turned out perfect. I really wanted the bride and groom razorbacks on the top of the cake. She made them out of rice crispy treats so they were edible. It turned out exactly how I imagined in my head and Aaron was obsessed with it. All night he kept saying, "did you see my cake? How awesome was that? I really hope the photographers got a picture of it." He was so proud of it. Aaron requested that the top layer of his cake be Funfetti. That is his favorite kind of cake. The bottom tier was plain chocolate.  Thanks Chelsea, you're the best!
Stay tuned next week for the cutest little angel bell choir you've ever seen!!

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  1. I didn't get a close up look at your cake topper at the reception. So glad to get to see it here and know the story behind it! Beautiful.