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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Bucket List

We decided this year to make a fall bucket list of all the fun things we want to do this fall. I thought up 5 things I wanted to do and Aaron thought up 5. I bet you can't guess which ones are Aaron's.
Our Fall Bucket List:
1. Carve pumpkins
2. Have a fall photo shoot in the leaves
-We've done this one before and we got some pretty pictures and had a lot of fun doing it.
3. Make a fun fall treat (caramel apples, pumpkin pie, etc.)
4. Rake the thousands of leaves in our front and back yard
5. Attend a costume party and dress up
6. Kill a big deer (hmmm....I wonder who's idea this was?)
7. Take a fall foliage drive to Blanchard Springs and hike/sight see
8. Go camping
9. Go to a college football game
10. Go look at the ducks in the Arkansas Delta (Aaron tells me this is a sight to see since there are so many ducks out there)
This Saturday is the opening day of deer season in Arkansas. I'm a little bit sad, because I will probably be seeing a lot less of Aaron in the mornings and evenings and on the weekends. Therefore, in our downtime, when he's not hunting, I want to make it a point to go and do fun things together. I've heard the saying, "We interrupt this marriage to bring you hunting season." We actually have a sign that says that hanging in our house, but this year I'm actually going to get to experience the real deal. Wish me luck.
Speaking of are a few of my favorite things this fall.
Source for all pics:Pinterest
How cute is this caramel apple turkey tray. An easy party dish.
I love these chocolate dipped Oreo pumpkins.
I want to be this for Halloween. So cute.
Whoever thought of this is a genius. Easy, cheap, and really cute.
I want to make one of these wine glasses.
I love this cute Halloween party invitation with the bat ribbon.
I love the over sized cardigan with ankle boots look!
I also love leather leggings and leather jackets. Not quite sure I could pull the leggings off though.
For some reason, I am in love with flannel and plaid shirts this fall.

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