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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday #9- Thanking Our Parents

One of our top priorities during our wedding day was to properly thank our parents for what they have done in our lives. Not only that, but also to thank them for giving us the wedding of our dreams and being so patient and helpful during the wedding planning process. I had a hair client who has a son that got married this past year and when we were discussing her son's wedding, she made a comment that really stuck with me. She told me that her favorite part of her son's wedding was that they made a point to thank/hug their parents at the very end before they exited the reception. She said it really meant a lot to her. I knew Aaron and I would thank our parents and hug them after the wedding, but then I got an idea to do a little bit more because we are extremely grateful for the wonderful parents we were blessed with.
I called Aaron up one day and told him I had an idea and I needed his help. We decided to make a list of 10 things we wanted to thank our parents for. Then, we would type up the list and frame it and give it to our parents on our wedding day. I thought it would be cool for them to have as a keepsake to look back at someday. Aaron came up with one thank you, then I came up with the next and on and on. It was really sweet to hear Aaron come up with reasons why he is thankful for his parents. It made me teary eyed reading it aloud to him after we finished it.
We also decided that we wanted a special moment alone with our parents after we did our first look. We wanted a time where we could give our parent's the gift and have a moment of prayer with them before the wedding. I'm so glad that we did this. Some of the pictures and video we got from that moment are my favorite and we will always cherish them! We were so thrilled the first time we went home after our wedding to find that both of our parent's had their gifts displayed in their homes.
 Above is a picture of the framed letter.
And here is what it said:
To Our Parents
-Thank you for raising us in a Christian home where we knew the Lord and went to church on a regular basis, even though sometimes you had to force us to get out of bed.
-Thank you for being our biggest fans at all of our many sporting events. It meant the world to us to see your faces in the stands. You ran a great taxi service.
-Thank you for supporting all of our dreams and goals, whether it be financially helping us through college, or moral support and believing in us.
-Thank you for teaching us right from wrong and staying firm with the rules when need be. We are thankful you were sometimes strict and not always trying to be our friends. We are who we are today because of your moral preachings.
-Thank you for showing us a great model of how Christian marriage should be. We would not have found such a great lifelong partner, had we not watched your love for each other unfold.
-Thank you for showing us a love for the outdoors and enjoying God's creation. Thank you for not allowing us to sit inside all day and watch TV and play video games.
-Thank you for always making us feel loved...for giving us hugs and kisses often and always telling us "I love you." We've never once questioned if we were loved.
-Thank you for always being so patient with us when we borrowed your things and didn't put them back where they belonged, when we left a mess, and when we had bad attitudes and talked back.
-Thank you for wiping our butts, drying our tears, medicating our bumps, cuts, and bruises, and being there for us when we needed our "mommy and daddy" most.
-Thank you most of all for being our Mom and Dad. Without you all, we would not be here today. We thank God for choosing you all to be our parents here on Earth. We could not have hand picked better ones.
We Love You,
Quincee & Aaron



 Stay tuned next week for my bridal breakfast!

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