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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!

I love days like today. When you wake up and it's 72 degrees outside and you don't have anything on the to-do list so you open all the windows, light all your fall candles, take the dog on a nice long walk, and put out all your fall decorations. These kinds of days make me really happy and really excited for fall and the holidays. Some people might think I'm crazy for already decorating, but it feels like fall and I couldn't stand to wait any longer. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. For some reason, it just makes me happy. I tend to cook more, host more get together's, and spend a lot of time outside on our hammock reading. I am so anxious to see how pretty it is here when the leaves change. From what I've heard, it is going to be a gorgeous fall this year.
Here's what makes our house cheery during this fall season:
 The pumpkin wreath on our front door
 I bought these light up lanterns last year after Halloween on clearance at Pier 1. I like to shop after the holiday to find the best deals.
 Our front porch seating area. I plan on carving the pumpkin. It is a fake one from Hobby Lobby that you can carve or paint and keep it forever, instead of having to trash a real one when they rot. My goal is to get a new pumpkin every year and eventually have an awesome front porch display full of them, all decorated differently.
 The front entry way.
 I decorated this pumpkin last year with white thumb tacks.
 This is a new one that I decorated this year. I bought it at Hobby Lobby for 40% off after last season. You're supposed to put a monogram sticker on it, but they were out of  the letter D so I just painted it instead and glued a ribbon on the top.
 These little glitter jack-o-lanterns are from Dollar Tree. They light up and flash different colors. I thought they were cute and super cheap.
 I also bought these little pumpkins at Dollar Tree for $1 each. You can carve them also. I decided to paint them. I love how they turned out and the black on is chalkboard paint so I can change it up.
 Can you tell I love fun pumpkins?
 I also had to change our chalkboard in the kitchen to something fall related.
 I was so excited to get these silverware napkins out. Our foreign exchange student, Mariana gave these to us as a wedding gift. They were hand sewn in Bolivia. I thought it was really cute and very special.
It also came with a pretty table runner that we put out.
I always change out the hand soaps and candles in the house during fall. Here are a few of my current favorites.
Cinnamon Heaven hand soap from Bath & Body Works
Woodwick wax melts. I just discovered that they have wax melts recently. They are only $2.99 and they smell amazing. Our favorite fall scents are Fireside, Currant, Redwood, Sand & Driftwood, Applewood and Cinnamon Chai. You should try them out!
Bonfire Maplewood candle from Bath & Body Works
Happy Fall Y'all!!

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