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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Here's What's Happening in our Neck of the Woods

Things are different when you move from a town with a population of 113,273 to a town with a population of 977. The scenery is different and people are different, but it is a good different. I've always been a firm believer that change is good. Right now, I'm loving the change in scenery and the change in pace. It is a much slower pace of life here and I like it. I never feel rushed, I've never sat in traffic, and it only takes me .2 seconds to get somewhere in town. It's kind of glorious. Don't get me wrong, I do miss all my friends and family back home and shopping is a lot easier to do there. It might be a good thing that I'm so far away from places to shop. Strategic planning is a huge plus here when you have to go shopping and I'm not sure I've figured that out very well yet, but I know I'll learn sooner or later.
I wanted to share a few pictures of the change in scenery around here....these are things I never would have seen or experienced in the city, but you can see them almost on a regular basis here.
Lets begin with my favorite one. I ran into these people on my daily walk. If you look closely, the man is holding a snake in one hand and an alligator on a leash in the other. The woman has a massive boa constrictor around her neck. That made for an exciting walk that day.
The next day we went walking and I thought I'd take my camera with me to take pictures of all the scenery and look what we saw. About 4-5 different snakes in the creek by our neighbors yard. YUCK!
 You will always find a few cute baby ducks swimming in the spring
 And you might find the cutest little tree frog hanging out on a fence post and he will pose perfectly for your picture
And then you might go frog giggin' and kill a poor, innocent frog with a pitch fork. Yes, this really did happen and yes I took my camera to get proof....poor frog!
You will find deer in your yard almost every evening and morning. They can tell I'm from the city because every time I see one I scream and get so excited and I run for my camera, hah.
 We go on a lot of walks with Samson
And he loves every minute of it!
 I went on adventure one day with one of my friends to see her parent's beautiful house and land. It was a lot of fun.
 They have a cave on their land which is totally cool. We got to go inside and explore. We saw a few of these little lizards.
 And another one.
 The inside of the cave.
 There's the opening where we came in from. We were way far in the back.
 This was a huge Sycamore tree that had been uprooted in a flood, I believe.
 Can you spot the teeny tiny frog? So cute and little.
 Then she took me to a pretty spring with a waterfall.
The water was freezing cold.
So there you have it. You definitely wouldn't find those things in my hometown. I love exploring this new place and we have so many things to still do and places to see.
Both Aaron and I have been playing on softball leagues. We've both enjoyed doing that. I found a job that I really love and I've also started a booth at a craft/antique mall. I'm also doing some hair and photography on the side. In our free time and on the weekends, you can find us watching Razorback football, at a cookout, or hunting (Aaron).
We've had four visitors so far. My mom, grandpa, aunt, and Aaron's older brother have all come to visit since we've been married. We love having visitors and showing them around the area.
So....that's what's our neck of the woods :)

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  1. You say: " I found a job that I really love "
    What's the job? I must have missed the announcement.