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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dear TJMAXX, You are my Weakness...

TJMAXX is quite possibly my favorite store. I'm pretty sure there has never been a time when I walked out of that store empty handed. I went recently and found a few cute things that I couldn't help but share. If you haven't been lately, go now! You won't be sorry.

 I bought these three rolls of wrapping paper at TJ. They were only $2.99 a roll and they were very big. I got all of this year's wrapping done and I still have all three rolls left. I used some tulle I had on hand and the gift tags are free printables from Pinterest.

How cute are these coasters? I love them so much that I think I'm going to frame them and display them in our kitchen. They would go perfectly with all the other black and white patterns and hints of gold we already have in the kitchen. These come in a box of 12 for $4.99. They would make a great gift with a fun wine glass and bottle of wine.

They also had the cutest bags for wrapping for $1.99. I wanted to buy every design they had, but I limited myself to only four. I love the colors and the cute.
And of course, you can't forget the cute stuff for your furry friends.

He didn't mind the scarf, but hated the hat. I had to bribe him with A LOT of treats.
Aaron and I were way behind on our Christmas shopping. You don't realize how hard it is to find time to get it all done when you have to drive at least an hour to do it. We had two presents under our tree as of today. YIKES. We woke up early this morning, drove and hour and a half to the nearest big city with shopping and made a whole day of it. We both agreed that it was really fun to spend the day together shopping, eating out, and hanging out in the car. You take for granted the city when you live there everyday. It was funny how excited I was to get to shop all day. Aaron said I was like a kid in a candy shop.
We got home this evening and I got all the presents wrapped and under the tree. Now we can kick back and relax and wait on Aaron's family to get here on Monday. I'm excited to join in their family Christmas traditions for the first time this year. I will definitely miss my family, but I can't wait to see them and celebrate our Christmas in January.
And I can't forget one of my favorite things about Christmas. I eagerly check the mail everyday to see what new Christmas cards we have. I love hanging them on our kitchen shutter board. I keep them up there all year round and I just love looking at them. So thank you to everyone who sent us a card this year....they were all so cute. We love keeping up with you and your families.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas...and safe travels!

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