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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

I got all our Christmas decorations up this week!! I'm so glad to have it done so I can enjoy it for an entire month. I had the day off so I turned on the N'SYNC Christmas CD, lit my Twisted Peppermint candle, and went to work. It definitely put me in a wonderful mood. Here's a small glimpse of our decorations this year. Most of it is the same old stuff I've had since college, but there are a few new things that I've added this year.

 The front door wreath.
 Entry table. We need to add a stocking for Samson.
 Kitchen table centerpiece.
 I made a few Christmas canvas' and the snowman and Christmas trees.
 It's nothing fancy, but I felt like we needed something on the shelves in the dining room.
 I think this canvas is my favorite. I bought the glitter Merry Christmas from Wal-Mart for .99 and glued it to the canvas, then I added the glitter polka dots...really easy.
 Every year, we are going to add a new ornament that has significance. This year it is the just married ornament.
 I also bought this ornament last year for Aaron because I couldn't pass it up when I saw it at a garage sale. This is our first year to put it up on the tree.
 Of course, we have our sweet Samson ornament.
 And our initial ornament that I got from a friend last year.
 I'm still displaying my glitter deer antler pillow....I actually had it out all year long because I like it so much.
 This month's chalkboard.
 I decided to use the chalkboard chargers that we used in our wedding. I quickly wrote on them in real chalk so please don't isn't very neat and tidy. I went ahead and decided to sell them in my craft booth because I really don't have room for them, but they would be a great conversation piece on a kitchen table setting and you could let your guests write away.

 And here is our little dinky Christmas tree. It looks so tiny in our living room with the tall ceilings and the big couch. I'm thinking we might need to upgrade next year.
I am on the lookout for a tree skirt and a Christmasy table runner.  That's all for now!! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your house looks fabulous! I am loving all your DIY products especially the canvases! Great job.

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